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Right Turn on Red

Leland is the only place in North Carolina where people not only can't safely make a right turn on red, but they think it's acceptable to make LEFT turns on red....I have seen it a hundred times with my own eyes...not only on Village Road (saw it twice just last week), but on 17 around Magnolia Greens / WalMart area. In this case, I don't think it is the construction or set up of the roads that is dangerous, but in incompetancy. I personally am happy to see that people can't jump out through traffic on Village Road from every single business' driveway. There really wasn't a "chicken lane", there were turn lanes that people MADE into chicken lanes. Although my previous comments are true, this project has been annoying and ridiculous, I am only speaking of the way the project has been carried out, not in the project itself. I truly believe that when they get finished with it, it will make it safer and will allow traffic to flow better for us all.


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