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The Super F-ing Troopers and The Senator

First of all Thom Goolsby needs to back his nose out of this fight. He is a defense attorney and He should not try to pony up to any trooper, right or wrong. If the headlight on the car was in fact functional, Trooper Wyrick is a liar and His credibility is shot from the beginning. Trooper Smith is just a Macho SmartA**. If I were the Husband in this matter I would be pissed also and would act as such attorney or not. Trooper Wyrick had no business with trooper Smith in this matter. Why text him anything when You are in the middle of an arrest and taking care of business at the police department. I think Wyrick just saw a pretty lady and came up with an excuse to make a stop and do a little gawking. If the headlight works Wyrick needs to be fired. Smith needs to be fired for being a Macho Smart A**. Like Barney Said.... "NIP IT, NIP IT IN THE BUD".


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