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Hoyt had a right to be

Hoyt had a right to be upset. The LEO had NO reason to arrest his wife (read the law), and all you people who think he was out of line, think of it this way: If they arrested your wife for no reason and you knew it, and then while in-route to the police office to see your wife they pulled you over and delayed you, would you not be highly irate?

I have an attractive wife, and she WILL NOT pull over for ANY LEO unless it's in a fully public, well lighted area with people around who could be witnesses. There is way too much risk that she would be pulled over by a cop that is not trustworthy. 1 in 100 is too much risk. If you don't think so, think how you would feel if a cop assaulted your wife. This is what Hoyt's wife was obviously afraid of and why she refused to take tests with the cop.

Think that's stupid? It isn't. My wife's sister ran away from home at 14 and was then abused and held captive by the cop she went to for help after being away for a while. The cop was never brought to justice. I also know several people who had a considerable amounts of cash on hand and in their vehicles (thousands) simply because they like to carry cash. They were pulled over and the cops illegally searched them and stole the money. No charges made and they were let go. There's No proof but the person's word so there's no justice.

You public need to know your rights and enforce them. Cops try to appeal to you by saying things like they will help you out if you tell them the truth, etc. It's lies. Everything a cop does and asks you is an attempt to get you to incriminate yourself. DO NOT TALK TO THEM, even at simple traffic stops. Answer EVERY question with a simple SHRUG OF YOUR SHOULDERS. Of course you have to give them your license and registration, but that's it... If they ask you to exit the car, get out and Lock your car and DO NOT LET THEM SEARCH YOU OR YOUR CAR. They have NO right to do so without a warrant, and you should immediately ask if you are being detained, and if so, what for? Then ask if you are under arrest and if not ask if you are you free to go. If you don't ask these questions, you are staying under your own volition!

Video tape every event with any cop using your phone too, but be discreet, the cops hate being video taped and they will try to claim it's against the law, which is a vile twist of an old law.

Most people think that standing up for your rights will cause the cops to hassle you and detain you, but actually it's the other way around. If you know your rights, and use them, you can often avoid being detained for long lengths of time. Learn your rights and use them! Search youtube for "traffic stop rights" to learn more.


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