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mike mcIntyer

I am a regesterd repulican an I am pissed off at mike, i gave him my vote in last election,because he said that he would not let them touch SS, medicare,or medicade will seems like ol mike has for gotten who put him back in his office well wont happen again DAYS ARE NUMBERD . I have sit here for the last 3 months watching the HOUSE on C-Span not one time has he gotten up and gave any speechs on anything related to SS,Medicare or any thing else, his name dosnt come up ,you dont see him so why do we need him, he is not for any body in southeastern NC,Has he got his nose up some aids dress,or what I sit and watch other REPS. from this stste,Walter Jones,Fox, and Butterfield and ask myselfwhydid I vote for this man when he has no disreguard for anyone in his own distrect. SO right now I as a VOTER in southeastern NC, ask for your resignation,why you sure not keeping up any promises to the VOTERS IN HIS OWN DISTRICT. know he is not going to step down so YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED


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