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Actually, at the time Mr.

Actually, at the time Mr. Kadnar purchased the home, No there were no Hydrants there. BUT there was a Competent Fire dept serving the area. They knew what obstacles they had to overcome, and had the equipment to do so, If they went to a structure fire, they knew where the hydrants where and what was needed to battle the fire. BUT since the COUNTY kicked them all out, they sold all the extra equipment and man the area with less then half of the eqipment needed, This is the result. He never said the Firefighters were bad/inadequate they did what they could with what they had. If the county Fire administration made sure of the knowledge base of where the hydrants were or the ones that were non-functioning, and got the appropriate eqipment (to the scene/or purchased at all), then it could have been a different outcome (no Not save the house, but kept the others out of danger). There are 4 pools in the area that could have easily been utilized for water, as well as Several Lakes. But without Dumptanks/tankers/tenders. Why worry? Right? Why did it take so long for the Paid service to get ONE tanker to the home? This has NOTHING to do with him being a has to do with lives being lost. If one of his small children were trapped in the home, and they ran out of water, I gurantee you many of the firemen would have risked there lives to save them, and probably lost their lives in the process.

Departments all over the country have standards (Paid, county, City, Volunteer), the County needs to re-look at theirs. Thank God no lives were lost THIS TIME!

All of you arm chair Quarterbacking can do just that if you want. He was not initally saying the county burned his house down/nor WHINING. He was actually more worried about the adjacent homes, They were damaged, and if the winds where stronger that morning, it could have EASILY burned down the entire block...and yes, that IS what he said. I'm sure none of the Critics on here can hold a candle to the Many years experience of firefighting and saving lives, as Mr. Kadnar. Not to mention the Local SOUTHERN firefighters, that agree with him and his statment. THIS IS NOT A SOURTHERN NORTHERN THING....THIS IS A LIFE AND REALITY THING.



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