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Imagine waking up and realizing that your home is on fire and you have to somehow get your small children out of the house....
Imagine receiving a phone call from your wife saying you need to come home from work because your home has just burnt to the ground...
Imagine being little again watching your house burn down...
No, family heirlooms...nothing...just a pile of ash....

Now imagine reading a news article about the disaster that just impacted your family and seeing all the comments from all the heartless jerks out there...
Imagine people putting you down for being part of 911, thinking your "playing" it up...

The things that are being said on here are terrible and rude. These people just lost everything they ever had. They feel bad enough...they dont need all of you making them feel worse.

To all of those that have written nice things on here and tried to put the jerks in their place, thank you. Thank you for realizing the tragedy at hand. Im sure the Kadnar family appreciates it, just as Im sure they appreciate everything the community has been doing to help them out.

To all of you that have written nasty, heartless things on here...good luck in the future. I am a strong believer in karma. You would never want to be in their should think of that before you open your big mouths.

Anbd lastly to the media...this is your fault. YOU are the ones "playing" up the 911 angle, not the Kadnars.

Leave this poor family alone and let them get thru this.


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