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Wrong Facts

Well it just so happens that there are 2 tankers stationed in the Southern district with constant 24 hour staffing, which is something the volunteers never had. Just so happens that both of those tankers were on scene right behind the first two engines. Just so happens that there is currently more water in the south side on the trucks than there were under the volunteers. Just so happens that there was a water shuttle established, prior to that 5600 gallons were applied to the fire. Just so happens the other two houses are still standing because they defended them, were already showing signs of heat damage and would have gone up if it weren't for them. Your right, the possessions would not have been salvageable with a better water source, so really what would have changed? Just so happens that the people that knew where the hydrants were and maintained them under the volunteer rule were the full time staffing, not them. Just so happens that there are full time hydrant technicians that maintain the hydrants in new hanover county and let everyone know exactly which ones are in service(which all hydrants around that house were). Next time you see one of the volunteers ask them how the Musselwhite's house faired under their rule (both of them, ran out of water pretty quickly on the first one) and how many volunteer's showed up to a fire on tall tree ln. (ill go ahead and tell you, 3). And there are plenty more examples where houses were burned down due to mistakes made by volunteer Incident Commanders, we all learned from them but if you want to show all faults then lets show them all and not the ones that you want to say to make NHC look bad (because the volunteers have more!) I was a volunteer and worked well with them, but if you want to spew facts then lets get all of them out and correct the wrong ones. I am assuming as well that you were a volunteer and see this as your big chance to get back at the big bad bully and show the public how you were wronged. Way to take this tragedy and make it all about yourself.


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