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My Wedding Dress

The Bible says God will fight all your battles, And you shall reap that of which you sewth. I ordered my wedding dress from this Lady and her mother paid the deposit. I went back cause they told me they had to special order it and we ordered it bigger then i needed. when i went back they had wrote on folder "Wedding Canceled". I asked what was that all about. The mother the older lady was there and she said I called them and told them this. So we went back and forth about this and that I signed that paper and had to pay for it all.I left, a few weeks later I get a phone call and this young girl that works there asked when was I coming to pay for my dress cause it was on hold. I go running to store and to my avial NO DRESS!!! I was hurt they talked to me like a dog the mother said she was the owner of the store! When I talked with the daughter she was the owner of the store. The mother told me that contract would stand up in court cause they have taken many people to court to get their money. She (daughter) emailed me and all being ulgy. Im not going to say I was being very nice either or saying anything good. I still to this day have all my papers together cause if anything was to come up. But I still to this day didn't get my $250.00 back nor My Wedding Dress!!


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