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Wrong, there has not been

Wrong, there has not been anything to disprove the headlight. Just the Tessners word that has been proven lies in other instances. The Troopers did not show disdain for anyone but the Tessners in a personel cell message. I do not know how all of that can be distorded into disdain for the public? I am sure there is disdain for people that drink and drive. If you had to go to an accident scene and see mangled bodies from an accident that a drunk driver caused you would too. Yes she blew a .00 after the arrest and was not impaired by alcohol, but the Trooper did not know that and she refused roadside test. That was her right. Once she made that decision she had to go along for the ride, like it or not. There is no evidence of any out of control Law Enforcement officer. It is an example of seeing a DWI as an incovinence or "I can just make it home" and not something that will and does take lives on our roadways EVERY HOUR. People submit to roadside tests every day and are on there way 5 minutes later. There are enough people out there breaking the law that there is no need to make up lies, or have you never driven through Wilmington??


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