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At the end of the day?

At the end of the day you are still talking about headlights, 0.00's and trying to sympathize with a man shown to be a LIAR. Did you watch the same video that I saw? He made several accusations that any reasonable person can see are lies. He didn't "exaggerate a little" or tell a "slightly different story", He gave false statements. The truth is NOT in Mr. Tessener. The "photo proof" of a the working headlamp was provided by, guess who, Mr Tessener. Why put faith in anything this man says? He has shown his true colors. How simple would it have been to go to Auto-Zone and pick up a replacement bulb for the one that was bad? It's an easy fix. How simple then would it have been to take a picture of the headlamp, and send off an 8 page letter crying wolf? As far as Mrs Tessener goes, she refused 3 subjective tests and one objective test prior to her arrest. The portable breath tester can not be manipulated by the officer. It wouldn't matter if she were in a parking lot in high heels or seated comfortably in her car, it just shows a reading that would represent breath alcohol concentration. That's four opportunities that she was given to determine if she were safe to drive. She refused all tests, *prior* to her arrest. These tests are used to determine if a driver is safe to drive on the same highways that you and your family use. They are also used to determine if a driver is impaired and unsafe to drive. After she refuses roadside tests, she is charged and arrested, then brought to the WBPD where she blew 0.00, not the other way around. And by the way, 0.00 doesn't mean that she didn't have anything alcoholic to drink earlier or that she didn't smell like alcohol when the Trooper stopped her. It just means that she did not have a recordable level at the time of the breath test. Alcohol doesn't stay in a persons body forever, it dissipates over time...


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