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Get a clue...

Yeah, we are all a bunch of people suffering post trauma from a youth spent being picked on. A light came on one day and I decided to be a cop to seek revenge and gain instant respect from the general public. You can see by many of these posts here that the respect just oozes from the general public we are sworn to serve and protect. Power hungry? Starving for respect? Apparently, you have never dealt with the people that we have to on a daily basis. If the picture you paint of the law enforcement persona is true then the picture of a "civilian" must be that of some ruthless bully who has no regard for his fellow civilians. This person seethes with anger and spits venom whenever they encounter people such as police who were obviously the victims of their assaults when they were younger. It is quite obvious that all civilians are scum that have no respect for anyone other than themselves.

Sound stupid? It should! It is the same BS that you try to paint law enforcement with. So far not a single thing has been shown to be a gross miscarriage of authority in this case. If anything, the "civilians" are the one's that seem to have the issues here. Already awaiting trial for punching a bartender in the face? Now caught lying outright about the facts as they occurred.

Before you destroy the character of every single police officer out there, how about checking yourself?


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