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Search for corruption in any profession (medical, law, business, politics, acadimics, sports, religion, media, art, food, etc.) and you will find thousands of stories of corruption. So, based on this logic, I assume that you never go to the doctor. Doctors are corrupt. You never seek legal advise. Lawyers are corrupt. You never vote, got an education (which kind of goes without saying for you), watch sports, pray (which one would need a soul for this), watch/read/listen to media or art, or even eat food. Because they're all corrupt.

Wow! If everyone else is corrupt, that means you are the only person in the world that is not corrupt. We can only hope that you will one day reveal yourself to all mankind and show us the way. Of course, being that we are all corrupt, we would probable crucify you, or at least make you scapegoat for one of our evil plans. Better thought, why don't you just stay on your sailboat. That way you'll be safe and "we" can't hurt you.

Please continue to enlighten us through these blogs of yours. That may be our only hope.


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