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Do you know how much of your

Do you know how much of your tax dollars pays their salary? Less than 10 cents. Until you walk out of your home with a bulletproof vest, underpaid, underappreciated and constantly on guard then you can have an opinion. These men and women cannot check out at 5 and say my day is done; they go until the calls are clear. They can't sit for meals together without be watched by the public, criticized that they are wasting tax dollars or being interpreted to answer your questions. You get a hour lunch and 15 minutes breaks they are lucky if they get 2o minutes. They miss family event, kid’s functions, anniversaries, birthday and hundreds of other things to protect you and yours.

Until your job fits that description to a tee only then can you truly know what goes on. Appreciate these men and women who choose to protect you do their job. These men and women pray each day that they will return home in the same condition that they left. This does not happen as Law enforcement, "live in the worst twenty minutes of someone else's life".
Next time you dial 911 tell them your opinion on law enforcement, I bet they still will show up to help those that do appreciate what they give up so you can sleep sound!


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