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Well Mr. Guestcraziness I am

Well Mr. Guestcraziness I am not an idiot but I think you are by the way you spell my name and by juvenile name calling but on to the facts. I am not related to the "troll" as you say. I'm referring to the additional tests at the station that she also blew double zero on. I couldn't be further non related from the lady who was mistreated. I am an American, who happens to be of black race but I support this topic still. The story now is that Wyrick was totally ok and Smith was the idiot for doing the bidding of his buddy, Wyrick. He didn't do the right thing and that's why he got punished. Now his punishment is nothing more than a little window dressing but it's punishment still and he now knows that what he did was wrong and Wyrick will think twice before he gets his fellow officers involved in his antics from now on. I have no problem with the police in general because I follow the laws as they are and I keep Johnny Law out of my business. If that was my wife being pulled over on a dark road by an alleged officer of the law sworn to protect and serve I would have her do the same thing. If she's sober, then the arrest will be nothing more than a small formality. Better safe than sorry!!!!


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