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Mr. Brown's comment

“The fact of the matter is, she did nothing wrong,” said Brown.

Shirley Steele has been placed on a podium by George Brown and will now be his go to at the Health Dept. This has been their plan for over a year.

It is on record that Shirley Steele did something wrong. She lied to the press about drug use by Health Dept employees which is on record and Ms Steele falsified medical documents to cover up her needle stick incident which is on record. Just like George Brown, Shirley Steele is a liar and she is dangerous. Her only goal is about her. Not Public Health.

I’m amazed how the local press has allowed George Brown and the Pender County Administration to run the show by creating this incorrect news of Ms Steele. I guess it’s all about filling time and space and not about the truth.

County Attorney Trey Thurman lied to the press and to the public about how Ms Steele’s case was settled with the County. The truth on how this was handled by Pender County sits in Raleigh. A simple phone call or FOIA request will verify this.

George Brown has not only bullied the Health Dept employees, but he has bullied the other County Commissioners. Pender Government is definitely not a democratic process anymore. Mr. Brown has become a just as dangerous to Pender County as dictators Chavez or Ahmadinejad have become to the world. Look at the list of employees who have been fired or walked out on their own accord in the past year. It’s long.

Why has the press not interviewed Jimmy Tate or Chester Ward about any of these events? Is it because these Commissioners have been told by George Brown that only he can talk to the press? Are they scared?

Why has the press not interviewed any of the employees who have been recently let go or walked away from the Health Department. Mr. Brown has mowed these folks down with his fire power and covered their bodies with dirt. Is it not about the truth?

The truth is not George Brown or anything that comes out of his mouth. George Brown is a mouthpiece with his own agenda and he will get caught. And I’m sure it won’t be by the local press. It will be by citizens who are fed up with his game and are determined to put a halt to it.

No interviews please!


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