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While I may support your goals.... have no inherent "right" to funding. The government has a right to eliminate funding to any entity or program not mandated under law.

So go ahead and shop around for some left-wing whacko judge (you won't have to go far) but in the end you will lose this fight after blowing millions.

BTW, I don't know who your attorney is, but anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of federal case law knows that free speech does indeed have to be "free." Is my right of free speech being violated because the state won't buy me my own radio station? That's the premise of your argument - since the state won't give you money, you can't exercise your free speech.

That's total nonsense. You're as free to speak as you have ever been, and just as it's always been, you simply have to "speak" within your budget.


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