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Perhaps their families should assume responsibility?

Where did we ever get this crazy idea that the taxpayers must pick up the tab for sexually irresponsible people?

If they're under the age of majority, then grandma and grandpa (both sets, if known) should be paying to feed, clothe, and care for this kid....or paying to get the problem "fixed" before it has to be fed.

Make these women pick up their TANF and EBT cards at DSS once they're out on their own. That way we can force them to get a depro shot when due and they won't be having any more as long as we are paying for them.

I'm also a big fan of REALLY ramping up our child support laws to the point where guys think long and hard before they jump into bed and don't bother to think about contraception. The child support laws are a joke.

Our attitude toward these societal leeches is entirely too permissive and too sympathetic.


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