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Well, Bev

Since you're "stepping back" and letting the investigation happen, don't you have anything to say about the obvious issues with the Tessener's version of events and the videos? I mean, since you're stepping back.

HOW can you be stepping back when 1) you commented on this issue when you started the investigation and made those Troopers guilty before the investigation was even done and now 2) you're commenting on the content of the texts...what? Nothing about the lies the Tesseners told? Stepping back? You shock me with the carelessness in which you speak.

Next. MY cell phone. MY texts. You don't pay the bill for those Troopers phones and who the **** cares what you think about what we say to each other. "I don't think anybody should use language like that in texts or anywhere – privately or publicly." Lady, *I* have heard worse out of your mouth when you've come "home" to this area. You don't know if those texts were criminal? You don't KNOW? They aren't, by the way. Not in the least little bit. Zip. Zilch. Nada. NOT criminal, you fool. You don't know? Do you even think before you open your mouth? If you don't know whether it's criminal or not, why don't you check before you make yourself look so foolish?

You MIGHT want to talk to that husband of yours that drops your BUSINESS CARD every time HE gets stopped. "Oh, do you know my wife?" Really, Bev?

And what about one of your secretaries that recently filed a complaint against an Officer? Her complaint is false according to the video and hopefully that agency will charge her with filing a false complaint when the video of the stop is released.

You better clean your own closet, Bev. Try not to trip over the skeletons, dear.


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