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Ms. Lee~

Providing the facts of this story are accurate, this conclusion and the way this unfortunate occurrence ended is absolutely unacceptable.

IF the agency, whether Private/Profit or non-profit or a State agency, the LAW was BROKEN, and your son, this young boy has been violated, both physically and by policy rules that have been set in place to protect consumers of such necessary services.

A community support worker has absolutely no business providing services to an client/individual, (who is PROTECTED by PRIVACY LAWS and a Client Bill Of RIGHTS), in the presence of his/her own daughter!
That is a very strict no-no!
WHERE ON EARTH are the CHILD Advocates???

Has Southeastern Center for MH/DD/SA been contacted???? Their access number for screening and assessment is 1-866-875-1757, and they are located right on 17th Street near the hospital and claim to be consumer advocates.
The director of consumer affairs phone number is 313-6004.

Southeastern Center for mental health/developmentally disabled and substance abuse is the "Local Managing Entity" (L.M.E.) that oversees ALL agencies which employ community support workers as far as I know.

The article read:
"the state agency that employed the support worker has yet to file an incident report with the state."

OMG!! WHY NOT????????? They need to be SANCTIONED and SHUT DOWN by the paying agency, which is most likely the State Medicaid offices.

I almost FELL right out of my seat when I read that!! However, there is a possibility that this story has not been accurately researched and reported upon, so I will reserve judgement, but as I stated at the beginning, if accurately reported, this is a travesty.



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