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MYRTLE BEACH,SC (WWAY) -- Below are the results from the 17 and under Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics AAU basketball team. They'll be playing six consecutive days in the Myrtle Beach Big Shots tournament. Click play video to see our report that aired on Thursday's newscast. WWAY's Coach's Corner will have even more footage from the Flight 22 team. It will include a long range shot that should have counted at least five instead of three. The Coach's Corner will air at 6pm on Sunday on WWAY. Here's a link to the Coach's Corner page on our website. Thursday: Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 69 MBA Hoops Elite 30 Jeremy Smith 12 points Tyler Thayer 11 points Elijah Wilson 9 points ------------ Thursday: Houston, Texas 72 Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 56 Elijah Wilson 13 points Drew Combs 8 points DJ Mason 8 points TJ Williams 8 points ----------- Friday: California P94 67 Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 58 DJ Mason 17 points Drew Combs 14 points ----------- Saturday Fairfax Stars 68 OT Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 65 Daniel Camps 18 points Elijah Wilson 10 points ------------ Saturday Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 72 Team Georgia 60 Drew Combs 16 points TJ Williams 11 points Daniel Camps 13 points Jeremy Smith 8 points ------------- Sunday Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 66 Dallas Seawolves 54 Elijah Wilson 14 points Daniel Camps 13 points Drew Combs 10 points & 8 assists TJ Williams 8 points -------------- Sunday Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 74 LA Select 51 DJ Mason 17 points Tyler Thayer 14 points Michael Moore 9 points TJ Williams 11 points 8 rebounds Drew Combs 8 points 9 assists --------------- Monday Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 89 Southern Maryland Select Gold 85 Daniel Camps 18 points DJ Mason 17 points 10 rebounds Jeremy Smith 14 points Drew Combs 13 points 6 assists -------------- Monday Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics 40 Georgia Elite 32 Daniel Camps 14 points Elijah Wilson 12 points DJ Mason 8 points 4th consecutive win. Flight 22 is now 21-9 on the season. They're in the championship game on Tuesday of the Orange 17 and under slam bracket. ----------- Tuesday Carolina Raptors 67 Flight 22 Blizzard Athetics 46 click the following video to see highlights from Tuesday's title game. --------------- Big Shots Myrtle Beach is one of the biggest AAU basketball events in the nation. For the college coaches that attend this is a great way to see a lot of players at the same location over a short period of time. "July is a very intensive time for us, Old Dominion head coach Blaine Taylor said. “It's very intensive for the kids as far as travel and for coaches evaluating these kids. We're trying to make sure we don't make mistakes on either part. We don't want the kids to choose the wrong school and we don't want to choose the wrong kid." On Thursday VCU head coach Shaka Smart was just of the coaches that rolled into Myrtle Beach for the Big Shots tourney. Smart’s VCU team made it all the way to NCAA Final Four with a handful of diamonds in the rough. That’s a phrase you’ll hear a lot of coaches use, including College of Charleston’s Bobby Cremins. "The NCAA rules prohibit us talking about any kids, but It's a process of just going out and finding a diamond in the rough,” Cremins said. “We have leads, but we always find a new kid every tournament." Nathan Faulk is the head coach of the Wilmington based Flight 22 Blizzard Athletics team. He couldn’t help notice all the coaches in the stands. "You can't help it. They're so many.” Faulk said. “They're walking around. They sign the big board when they walk in. When the ball is tossed up though you get in the zone though just like a player does. You know they're here and you hope you're putting a good product out on the floor for them to watch." Flight 22 is Wilmington's showcase AAU basketball team. The squad has players from Ashley, Laney, Hoggard and New Hanover. Add in a few players from James Kenan, Topsail and West Bladen and you have the makings of a hand picked all-star squad. "I love this team, Nathan Faulk said. “They play hard. They play disciplined. They listen. Whatever I ask them to do gets done. It's a neat experience." Flight 22 won their first round game on Thursday by 39 points, but they lost in the second round to an all-star team from Houston, Texas by 16 points. Check back here daily during the Big Shots event for Flight 22 updates. WWAY featured Flight 22 on our sportscast on Thursday night. We'll have even more video from Flight 22 on the Coach's Corner that aired on Sunday. It includes a half court shot buzzer beater. Here's a link to the Coach's Corner on our website. The video should be posted by early afternoon on Monday.

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