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Trooper Investigation

If we could all move beyond the name calling and rhetoric and try to learn something from this experience, then we might turn a negative into a positive. Mr. Goolsby had an opportunity to educate us all on whether this was a proper stop, whether there was "Real" probable cause or not to suspect a DWI or DUI. Unfortunately he chose to play the political card without knowing all the facts. Questions: Does a burned out light bulb, whether a headlight, turn signal, expired tag or inspection, or mechanical violation give the officer the right or probable cause to conduct a field sobriety test? Why does sobriety enter into the equation if there is no real evidence to support the individual driver may be under the influence? If "Probable Cause" is simply whatever the Officer says it is without supporting evidence to back up his or her claim, then this seems to be a violation of everyone's Constitutional Rights. For a minute let us forget all the individuals involved in this and ask the question do we all need retraining so we understand our rights as drivers and citizens and this should also include those chosen by the citizens of North Carolina to serve and protect. Also, we should learn to respect one another and this should be learned on both sides, because basically we are all on the same side wanting the same things, safer roads and communities. One last question, were the Officers in question texting while driving?


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