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You guys are all crazy

Everyone on here who doesn't think there was wrong doing on the SHP side is crazy and maybe should seek help. I hope if you are ever mistreated by one--You will remember how let down you feel after defending them.. They may start out as great cops, but as time goes by and they see how much power they have, things start to change...For most, the ego gets so big that they cant ever be wrong about anyone. If they say they smell beer then they must of had a few or someone looks like they drink then they must...If they drive a nice car they must be rich...Crazy!!! Everyone becomes guilty no matter what. I think there should be some kind of rotation in place to keep them in check. Burnt out cops are bad cops!!! Just the same applies to teachers-- A burnt out teacher is not a very good one. There has to be some kind of screening done to the public service jobs that are important to our community. After doing the same thing day after day year after year with "no pay raises" or "high Stress" There needs to be some type of screening to see if it is a time for change. I understand that experience makes you wiser, but it could also make you bitter and the general public "taxpayers" are paying the price. In this case--The cop was wrong about her and he was off the road for 4 hours. He may have experience, but his ego got in the way and it cost taxpayers money and time off our roads keeping us safe. Think of how many drunk drivers were out there riding around, while he was dealing with a woman who blew a 0.00 two different times. He could have caught one of them instead he was wasting time with a woman who had a headlight out. Goes to show-- They have to be right, because he smelled booze then she must have been drinking."but she wasn"t" She was unsteady on her feet. She was wearing heels---but he must be a expert on wearing heels too.. because everyone woman knows on the right rough road it is hard to walk in heels and I myself as a female would not walk barefooted on the side of the road. Think of the germs, glass, and trash that could be on the side of the road. Would you want your wife or mother to walk over that if she had done nothing wrong except for having a headlight out. We need change and venting with comments is not going to do it. We need to come together as taxpayers and make that change happen. Why not stop all this welfare for people who make a career of it and give the money to our cops and our teachers, maybe this will help with all the bitterness they have grown towards us in the last few years. My friend's son loves everything about a policeman and he gets so excited when he sees a car or an officer in public, All he wants to do is fight bad guys..Funny that is how it used to be...Will hate to see the disapointment when he sees that isnt how it really is, I dont hate cops, I just hate how their egos has become more important than right or wrong and having ethics when doing their job. If I was a retired police officer or SHP, I would take pride in knowing I did it right, and I would hate knowing that the ones who wear the uniform now haven given my job such a bad name. Get a Clue People--and if you dont now--soon you will be the person with the headlight out.


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