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Those reports

Are disgusting. The magistrate is telling someone who is innocent they should have PROVEN they are innocent and they would be on their way. It shouldn't work that way. This kind of thing has to stop. Someone who didn't do anything wrong should not have to prove innocence to anyone. She was in her right to deny all tests and allegations. She shouldn't even have to do that either. I am tired of the crowd that says, if you have nothing to hide then why not submit to it. It's not up to you, it's up to your accuser.

They are right, the officers/magistrate should be ashamed and lose their jobs. The trooper has no PC in this case. He "smelled alcohol" that couldn't be possible... Also, drinking is not illegal last time I checked. Even if she had one shot of Alcohol before getting in the car, it's not illegal. It's a made up story to cover the officers behind since he was totally wrong.

So what her account was somewhat different. She was unlawfully detained and intimidated. The officer has a notepad to take all the notes he wants, he's got cameras, computers etc. She has fear and intimidation and her hands behind her back. Flashlights, blue lights, night time and an in your face and a Gestapo officer looking to protect his pride.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves not just the officers to even let this kind of thing happen around us. Put yourself in her shoes, if an officer accuses you of the impossible, how are you to trust anything they do?

This is insanity. Officers do nothing but harass anymore and collect money for the state/county/city. Ever asked a Officer for simple help? Try it one day, find out how "nice" they are.


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