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Comparing Berger and Wright isnt fair at all

Berger has proven to be irresponsible and a paranoid nutjob who has a hidden agenda. Curtis has never pretended tobe somebody hes not. Yeah he stirs the pot up in this town and Im glad he does even though I rarely listen to him due to my schedule hes dead on a lot of time for calling out the politcians in this town on both sides of the fence for their actions and he holds them accountable. The good ole boy network dislikes him for that reason because he points out the failures and questionable actions and while I think hes over the top on some issues and disagree with him on a few things he is who he is. Berger ont he other hand just has major issues period and I know curtis has questioned Berger on some of his actions. The issue Curtis is facing is still an agreement to disagree issue and Im guessing curtis feels like this guy didnt earn his fee. Also lets be honest the Big Talker lost its balls when they fired him and cut loose the right on campus guys because they want to appear to be conservative talk but yet they didnt like anybody local calling out the local polticians and what not which Curtis and Tyler Crowlee and his buddy did all the time. WAAV 980 has taken charge of the local political debate now which is unfortunate but it proves the big talker just got castrated by management end of story.


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