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Berger and Wright Consistent Conservatives

Berger and Wright have very different jobs. Wright has more leeway to speak his mind. That's what he's paid for, Berger represents the people and as one of the few paying attention, Berger and I disagree on more than we agree on, but Commissioner Berger might be the ONLY member of the New hanover Board with NO HIDDEN AGENDA. He tells you where he stands, keeps his word, and is actually very reasonable and respectful of others. Berger though is surrounded by self-serving and hidden agendas from the other four Commissioners, which explains the vitriolic personal attacks that have nothing to do with his genuine public service. Brian Berger might have a couple fairly benign personal matters he needs to address, but I trust him more than any other local official to do the right thing, not serve his buddies or own financial interests. We need more elected officials like Berger, so Commissioner Berger doesn't have to compromise so much, and since you mention hidden agendas, Berger has none but the media outlets that have been vicious and misleading in spreading false info on Berger - they have a HIDDEN AGENDA. Berger's biggest problem, he is the lone Commissioner seeking to change business as usual so those who benefit from big government have been brutal and brutally dishonest in a negative campaign no elected official has seen here despite causing far more harm to citizens. Who do you work for raising such an unrelated official as if he has something to do with a non-political small claims dispute to which Berger has no connection. Get a life! Berger has been mistreated and even those of us who disagree should demand honest debate, not bash Berger and misportray one of the nicest and most genuine people in any office.


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