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Ben David will ty you up in court if you tell bad press on him!

Quote allegedly signed 6/12/2011 from Curtis Wright about District Attorney Ben David
"The Police acted improperly by not clearly instructing this caller to NOT go to that residence for any reason. The Police should have clearly instructed the caller that her option was a Small Claims/Civil action to retrieve property she said was hers.

The D.A.'s office illegally had Mr. Berger arrested knowing that there was no history of physical violence, no current threat, no physical contact whatsoever, and no claim by the caller of physical threat nor contact. The DA's Office illegally arrested Mr. Berger using the extrodinary and exceptional 50B laws, knowing that such exceptional and extrodinary circumstance did not in any way apply...and, illegally imprisioned Mr. Berger under such laws knowing that his actions, nor the evidence surrounding this incident, did not inany way conform to the 50 B/Domestic Violence Act.

Mr. Berger needs to immediately notify the Federal Government Civil Rights Division and demand a full Federal investigation of all government officials involved in this action; immediately file suit against the DA's Office for false arrest and imprisionment, and illegal acts to harm Mr. Berger; file a law suit against the WPD for violations of his Civil Rights and false arrest and imprisionment; and demand an immediate dismissal of all charges."


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