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The "...God fearing woman..."

...struck a pedestrian with her car and has almost killed him! "Bad choice" my bunkie! She flat out forsook her "god given" ways, hit an innocent man and left him there in a ditch to die! Everytime you Holy Joe's out there try to pull the Bible out and beat on it to show how "good" someone is, it gives me the immediate urge to plug a cork where the sun doesn't shine, because I KNOW you're coming for it!

Tell me "Past Friend", how is it that you expect the public to have "heart and mature understanding" for someone that DID NOT have the "heart and mature understanding" to report that she had hit a pedestrian with two tons of steel at 45 mph and cold-heartedly left him there to die without a simple phone call for emergency help? That isn't bad judgement, that's called lack of responsibility, accountability and total disregard for another human life! I won't even go there with the lack of vehicle registration and inspection. THAT,in itself would be considered bad judgement.

She may not have hit him intentionally, but you can be damn well sure that she "intentionally" let that poor soul lay there in pain with the risk of death after maiming him! That is what she'll pay for.


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