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Southern Shame

I am a southerner. I am truly ashamed at some of the comments here. Kadnar was at work that day. How is that any different than anyone else being at work? A lot of these guys did what most wouldn't have done. Those firefighters and police officers went into and up the towers (with a distinct awareness that many of them would never see their families again)and helped get people out. Reminds me of some southerners who were ordered to march across a field at Gettysburg on the 3rd day by General Pickett. Marching to a certain death, yet they did so anyway. There were plenty of stories that day of individual heroics from FDNY personnel. There were also plenty of other heroics that occurred that day from Port Authority Police, NYPD, Citizens, Neighbors, and friends. Watch any documentary on the day, and you're sure to catch a glimpse. To many proud US Citizens, there is a sense of pride in how many of our first responders acted that day. While I don't feel any of them are any better than anyone else, I certainly have an enormous respect for what they had to endure on that day, which certainly surpassed any realistic expecations of Emergency Responders prior to 9/11.

I work with a 9/11 First Responder, who still feels the psychological and physical effects of being at the World Trade Center site on that awful day for this nation. He certainly has no golden parachute from the city, nor did he retire any earlier than any of his predecessors. He did his 20 years, including some time after 9/11, got out, and moved his family away from the hussle and bussle of New York City. What makes them special isn't that they were there, it is what they did and endured while they were there. Until any of you have walked in their shoes, comments like some of the above do nothing but bring shame to this community. Some of your comments distinctly remind me of the people who spat upon my father as he returned home from his 2nd tour in Vietnam. Sometimes I wonder if this town has any southern decency left in it.

Lastly, I would hope that this community, and any community for that matter, would come to the aid of any of its residents regardless of their current/former jobs, life experiences, or place of origin. Respect, decency, and honor seem to be lacking in a large majority of posters on this site, regardless of what the topic at hand is.


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