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Go Back to drivers ed!!!!!!!

First my heart and thoughts are with Travis and the family...I hope he comes out 100% Second people do not show courtesy or have good driving skills. This is not limited to Wilmington...I have seen the same thing in NJ, NY, and PA when I lived there as well. Too many peoople in a hurry...on their cell phones...I pads or on something and not paying attention. Any given day I can go down Market st (I go the speed limit) and have other drivers give me the finger, tailgate, or cut me off only to get stuck at the redlight in front of me. I don't drive after 9 pm for fear of all the drunks around here and the cops need to take these jackasses off the road! Go to any city in the UK or Italy and you will see bikes, mopeds and cars share the road with few issues.


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