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Good one!


I posted my thoughts after yours today, but never saw your comments until now. I laughed that we both easily recognized that the silly post came from a leftie who solves by embracing communism.

Anyway, I liked your post!

It may help those control freak individuals who think that laws should be created based on every occurance in society be able to THINK more LOGICALLY. Maybe, just maybe they will begin to open their eyes to their administrations other extreme and tainted ideologies.

You also zeroed in on the lunatic drivers who cause the actual problems, and what the simple solution is!

Besides, "open your eyes people", how about:

Get your dog OFF OF YOUR LAP to the MORONS WHO DO THAT!!!They MUST be NEWCOMERS or extremely low-intelligence people who DRIVE with a DOG on their laps in any area, in any city, town, county.

People who drive with the dog on their lap, and see nothing at all wrong with it, should vividly imagine the gore and grusomeness of how Blooody the DOGGIE would get when the crash occurs, (and how the CRASH WILL INDEED OCCUR with a Doggie on your lap), and then they would drive their vehicles fully engaged in the act of DRIVING!!!

They don't care about you and me or themselves, but they love that DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW. Freaks!


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