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Are you kidding me? Ok, I have an idea....if there's a lady driving alone, let's not stop her. FORGET about the law and safety, we'll just let them drive because we don't need anymore bad press. Let's forget about how the Tessener's fabricated their ENTIRE story and dragged a stand up man's name through the dirt, he never should have stopped her just bc she was a woman driving alone. As for Trooper Smith, maybe he made an error in his word choice, HOWEVER Trooper Wyrick made NO mention that he should pull over the husband or do anything about it. The lying wh*** was placed under arrest just like anybody else who refused a field sobriety test and when she blew a 0.00, she had to be taken in front of a magistrate because law enforcement can't release people after they are under arrest. What people fail to realize is Wrightsville Beach & Carolina/Kure Beach share a magistrate, so if he/she was in Carolina Beach it would've taken a lot longer for them to get to Wrightsville than the ride to Blue Clay Rd. This "story" is nothing but political BS and anybody who thinks the Tessener's are anything else are complete morons


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