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I've stated my opinion...

...on this blog regarding the Troopers behavior and demeanor. I tend to believe the punishment to be appropriate. The proof of foul and unprofessional language used by Smith tarnished his record and got him some well-deserved time off. There was zero proof against Wyrick and there was direct conflicting evidence with the Tessners accusations and Trooper Wyricks behavior on camera. In my opinion, the investigation did exactly what it was supposed to and the punishment was quite appropriate.

Upon reflecting on my past 50 some odd years, I thought up all of the times I've been pulled over, questioned, ticketed and fined by the city, county and state police. Now I'm not a criminal by any sense of the word. My very employment and the responsiblity of having a concealed carry permit depends on that status. I simply can't recall a single instance where the police were wrong and a lot of times, they gave me a break. I don't have a bad word to say about any of them I've ever dealt with.

With that said, the most important things I've always kept in mind and have always done is: Answer their questions politely, just do what they ask without grumbling and whatever you do, NEVER, EVER cop an attitude with them after they stop you, no matter how "right" you think you are or how "wrong" you think he/she may be. It is simply the wrong time and the wrong place to mouth off and act out.


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