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New Law - Pretty Women Protected from Traffic Stops

Soo... essentially, you're saying that any pretty lady driving should not be able to be stopped by police. Why... you're an idiot! Yep, I said it. That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day.

First... she's not that pretty. Second, how could he see what the hell she was wearing in the freakin' dark (and inside her car). Third, even if she were pretty, that should have no bearing on any decision he makes as an officer. He followed the law and the Standard Operating Procedures of the NC State Highway Patrol... that's why he had no punishment or suspension.

Face it media outlets... you were wrong in your initial reporting of this story by releasing the "lawyer's letter" assuming that he was telling the truth. When the video came out, there was no apology from the media to Wyrick... only the slander of his name. Why isn't WWAY and every other media outlet asking the lawyer why he lied??? I'd sue if I were Wyrick!

The only wrong in this story was that it was a story to begin with. Stop trying to dig up dirt from a story that never should have been.


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