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You must be joking!

Mrs. Tessener blew a 0.00 AFTER she refused to take the road side test and was placed under arrest and brought to the police station.

This reader is incensed by you’re so called “news story” here. Trooper Wyrick’s name has been cleared & you still insist on trying to destroy this man for doing his job. Shame on you! Trooper Smith is being punished for his misconduct according to the law.

Your statement about the “righteous stop" is over the top. It was dark and Trooper Wyrick saw a car with a headlight out not a blonde driver who happens to be alone, Lord are you a cop hater or what?

And how do you know he didn’t smell booze on Mrs. Tessener? She admitted to drinking a glass of wine and she was at an even where alcohol was served. Yes, State law said he "may" arrest her if she refuses to take a roadside sobriety test, and he should!

Last I checked everyone who is arrested is handcuffed and placed in the backseat of the arresting officer’s cruiser. The excuse, “Who wouldn't be? I don't know about you, but I always get weak in the knees when a cop pulls me over - and I don't even wear pumps and an evening gown.” Is a crock of poo! I wear “pumps” almost every day, the evening gown not so much.

This women reader, especially, is angered by you thinking just because “a woman thus attired and driving alone being pulled over for a reason many view as specious at best.” That is the most sexist thing I’ve heard in a while.

If the Governor listened to these people thinking Trooper Wyrick is a thug of a law enforcement officer who was power hungry, he would not have been treating in a fair & legal way. He would have been hung from the nearest tree by the lynch mod who presumed him guilty without all the facts. So again, Shame! The “Big lie” here is this story. You presume to think all your readers will follow you like the pied piper of righteous indignation regardless of the proper procedure of the law. I am just happy there was video & witness(es) to prove what a load of crap you are trying to sell to everyone.

I am one of the “scores of readers” who is confident in the patrol.

How about being a reporter and not a commentator, we have shows like “The View” if we want Liberal views of a story. For the news we turn to “News Stations”. So in the future, please stick to what you are paid to do and report the news, stop trying to “make” the news.


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