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"Readers are incensed"? You

"Readers are incensed"? You speak only for yourself - you're painting with way too broad a brush, Some readers are incensed, most are not. Everyone doesn't share your uneducated view. Wyrick is back on duty because he did nothing wrong. Smith is recieving the appropriate disciplinary action which is proportionate to the offense.
Lecturing veteran troopers on knowing when to walk away and when to run no doubt comes from your many years of experience as a veteran trooper yourself, right?
The trooper should get the benifit of the doubt before you pronounce him guilty of lying about smelling alcohol since there's other reasons for this besides consumption such as Diabetic Ketoacidosis, and the converse is true when unflavored vodka is consumed, leaving no oder on the breath of the impaired.
Now you accuse him of making this up just so he can watch a "pretty" girl do a roadside test? That's very subjective. I've seen Mrs Tessler, she's not that good looking. I've seen Wyrick's girlfriend and she's HOT. Your claim doesn't pass the test.
The Tesslers are proven liars, but you'd rather spew your poison at the ones who risk their lives protecting yours. I think it's because you secretly want to be a cop but you're resentful because you don't have what it takes to be one. It's ok, not everyone can do this, but it's sad that you feel so insecure with who you are.


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