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What ever happened to

Innocent until proven guilty? Everyone keeps saying cooperate and just do what they say. You couldn't be more wrong in doing this.

Everyone is so backwards in their thinking. She was innocent and knew it, there is nothing she HAS to do to prove it. Police are "evidence" gatherers. They don't prove your innocence, they prove you guilty. How do they do this?

Through interrogation, roadside tests etc. When you answer or take them, all you are doing is handing over evidence for them to interpret and use as they wish. If you aren't steady on your feet and they ask you to walk a line or stand on one foot and you tumble, this "evidence of impairment" will be used against you. They don't say well, she may have an inner ear infection or may be tired etc. They are not objective observers. They are there to gather evidence and get convictions.

Think about it, when ever does a police officer testify to your innocence? The answer, never. They are always there for the DA not you. Wake up people, you don't have to prove anything to government officials, judges, officers. They have to prove you guilty, and the way they do it is by your testimony against yourself. Refuse it all, all the time.

If you know you aren't drunk or haven't done anything wrong, don't answer them. They are not there to protect, they are there for fines, community service imposing, court fees, lawyers fees, citations, convictions etc. anymore. They only have Grey when it's good for them, for you, they have black and white.

Wake up everyone, soon. For everyone's sake, I hope you do.


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