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Perhaps I should consider a career in marketing and advertising if this is the caliber of competition. Let's do a quick back of the cocktail napkin exercise:

This area has a long standing tradition of using Cape Fear.

Wilmington and the beach towns want prominence in the description.

Other coastal communities use Gold Coast, Silver Coast, Crystal Coast, etc. but they are already taken and pun intended, perhaps a bit tarnished or cracked. Where are they anyway?

What does the Wilmington area have, uniquely or not, to attract visitors? Beaches and water activities; battleship and historic sites; bars and restaurants; shopping and museums; etc. Greensboro and Fayetteville have bars, restaurants, shopping, museums etc. too but bottom line: while the other attractions add to the area charm and breadth of interest, what sets Wilmington apart is the water, especially the beaches. So the beach towns have a legitimate argument for a more prominent role in the description of the area.

Cape is simply too good of a gem word describing a piece of land jutting into the sea to give up and Fear is a bit edgy to boot. Think Cape Canaveral, Cape Cod, Cape Hatteras and the first word to mind is SEA. So why not simply add "& beaches" to the well established "Cape Fear" description to make "Cape Fear & Beaches" or simply, "Wilmington & the Cape Fear Beaches" which is simple & descriptive too.

Thirsty work, this!


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