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Get your facts straight

If you read the whole story previously you would know the two troopers made these comments via the state supplied network and laptops they had in their cars so no he wasnt suspended for texts on his personal phone it was on their instant messaging service on the state/tax payer paid hardware and network so now you can go back into your hole little troll and quit defending this powerhungry jackbooted moron. I still cant believe Wynrick is getting off because its quite obvious he set up the traffic stop with Smith and such. Wynrick obviously lied in his reports obviously he had to come up with some lie about her saying she ha da drink to justify his stop and harassment of her otherwise it wouldnt have even met probable cause. She told people she hadnt been drinking and its probably the truth considering she did blow .00 twice, but any good little corrupt thug is going to make the paperwork match in order to CYA themselves. Tpr Wynrick needs to be very careful because I can guarantee if hes done this, hes probably done it before and he'll make the same mistake again. Wannabe power trippers dont change their ways and as they saying goes tell me who your friends are and Ill tell you who you are and it seems pretty obvious Smith and Wynrick are good ole boys with each other.


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