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Having an education doesn't mean...

...that you have full control of your faculties by any sense of the imagination. It only proves you were able to progress through a series of tests and is only the most basic indicator of intelligence. The are far too many lawyers, doctors and engineers that would be much better off as plumbers and trash collectors!

We have a society of "production education" where they flush students through college like a Chinese toy factory production line with the only Quality Control being a test paper where no "inherent talent" requirements exist. Most would fail basic geography, history and certainly english questions. Leno has proven this many times!

Just take a look at our leaders...Edwards, Clinton, Blagoeabitch, etc. There is an endless list of perfectly ignorant, highy educated individuals. Why would we expect any different from a couple of buzz-headed, big shot NCSHP troopers on a power trip?


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