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"Rioux agrees that education

"Rioux agrees that education is key. He says after accidents like one on River Road earlier this year where Trey and David Doolittle were hit and killed on their bicycles while riding in a bike lane, Rioux thinks both drivers and cyclists need to be more respectful to each other."

Ummm....the guy was high on drugs...not really a situation that most people who would be willing to be more "respectful" are going to find themselves in.

Reality is, no matter who wants to say different to make the county/city look good, New Hanover County has more crashes than almost any other county (maybe all other counties) in the whole state. When you have that many crappy drivers and you decide to ride a BICYCLE around them, people are going to die. And more than likely it won't be the ones in the cars and trucks.

And the bicycle riders around here aren't known for exactly strictly adhering to traffic laws, such as traffic lights and stop signs, either...


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