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Do you also mean the traffic rules the cyclists ignore?

There are a thousand rules broken in traffic everyday. People roll through stop signs, pull in front of you, don't use signals, text and drive, drink and drive, throw lit cigerettes out, speed and the endless list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there simply aren't enough police to stop and ticket the careless idiots out there.

So What do you do? DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!!! Stop at stop signs, don't speed, take the time to LOOK before you pull out and so on. It's all I can do to protect myself from the idiots. So why is it that the bicyclists don't think they need to follow the rules of the road? They do not stop at stop signs, blow through red lights, rarely use signals, swap lanes without notice, fail to use visible lighting or clothing.

I agree that we have some pretty bad, self-absorbed and distracted drivers drivers around here, but those very same attributes are right there with the cyclists as well. They have a LOT to learn, just like the drivers including the ability to be polite!

The one thing I've yet to figure out is WHY in the world does someone want to ride a bicycle or run down College Rd., Market St., Oleander or ANY other busy throughfare during rush hour traffic? What is that all about? Prancing around in spandex tighties thinking your a Lance Armstrong or what? And as for River Rd. riders, who in the world is comfortable riding a skimpy bicycle on a squirrely road with 2 ton cars zizz-wheeling to your back at 60-80 mph? One milli-second of unfocused driving time from them and you're toast. Sorry, I can't seem to find the tiniest bit of practicality, safety, good sense or judgement there. History has proven itself there many times, use it or lose it. Sure, we'll feel sorry for you, but will likely think of the term "idiot for doing that..." first.

Common sense and prudent judgement is what it takes to preserve our lives these days. We simply cannot rely on law, courtesy or proper driving habits. Just because you may have "rights", that won't do a darn thing keep you out of the cooler!


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