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Do everything on a credit card

Buy all your food, clothing, fuel, pay every single recurring bill on one credit card with a good rewards program, then pay the balance every month.

BTW, if you want to know who to blame for all these outlandish bank fees they're dreaming up, you can thank Senator Dodd and Congressman Bawney Fwank. The Dodd–Fwank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 is just the latest attempt at "regulating" items that the free market should dictate, and now thousands of people far smarter than Dodd or Fwank are working overtime to find ways around that idiotic law. No matter what the idiots in Washington can dream up, there is no shortage of smarter people to come up with ways to circumvent their meddling.

For example, had they not restricted bank's overdraft fees (and who, but Democrats, would want to subsidize deadbeats, anyway) ATM usage fees wouldn't even be a matter of discussion.


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