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McIntyre will easily beat Pantano...reasons:

I urge everyone to visit and click on the house races, then NC, then the 7th district. The listing will show the finances of McIntyre(MM) and Pantano(IP). Here are the main statistics last quarter:

IP-103K(no doubt skimming off the top like he did last election)

IP-25K(does not look good for a Republican to be in debt)

Cash on hand:
IP-20K(negative $5,000 once you subtract out the 25K in debt)

As far as McIntyre running in this District:
The National Republican Party openly courted Pat McCrory to run against Larry Kissel for Congress in 2010 even though McCrory lives 3 miles outside of the district. Residency is NOT a requirement especially when Republican gerrymandering draws the line less than a mile from McIntyre's house.
McIntyre will run in the newly drawn 7th District, Pantano will continue his downward slide as his terrible background continues to surface, and the independents will vote for the following candidates swinging the race in our district:
Obama for President (because Bachman will seem too extreme)
McCrory for Gov (enough said about Perdue's failings even though Munger will take many votes from McCrory)
McIntyre for Congress (face it, Pantano has NO record of accomplishment and MANY personal failings)


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