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I see

Oh, I see, it's all about you. You really shouldn't judge people unless you've walked in their shoes.

I doubt you know much about Ricky personally, nor do you want to. If he's so "lazy", he could stay home playing video games all day chugging down Budweiser and eating potato chips. Instead, he's walking all over Wilmington, introducing himself and meeting tons of people, willing to serve in whatever capacity he can to help the community he lives in. If he sounds more polished than a lawyer, it's because he's not stupid; he just has Dsythymia, which affects your moods, emotions, depression, etc.

"What would have happened to our country, if half its great soldiers in WWII came down with Dsythymia ?" We're fortunate they didn't, because Dsythymia isn't all that common. However, a lot of our returning soldiers now have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Maybe you should go spend a day with Ricky to find out what he really does. But I doubt you could keep up with him.


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