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Bye Perdue, bye democrats!

Time for a big change in in the lovely govs office. Not only to get Bevvie out, not only to keep McCrory out, but get the democrats out for the next fifty years! With the triple dip Hunt regime and this Perdoo junk, this state drastically needs to make some progress instead of being 49th ahead of West Virginia. We need to get the illegals out, the lazy and inept but capable off their butts and start putting our tax money where it is intended!

There is plenty of money coming in to fund education and care for the elderly. This "poor people" funding crap will quickly come to an end and will include only those that are TRULY NEEDY, not the lazy, drug dealing, section 8 mud-suckers currently on the system.

I am flat sick and tired of working my a$$ off to to keep paying for these people that continually do nothing other than suck on "free money" at the expense of others!


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