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Gee, Sailboat....

I sincerely believe that if a police officer ran into a burning home to rescue a baby, you'd accuse him of stealing a cupcake on his way through the kitchen.

Every single story involving police, there you are bad-mouthing them: The troopers, the Wilmington PD, even that poor dog that died searching for drugs.

Why don't you come clean and tell us what some mean ol' policeman did to poor wittle Sailboat to cause this life-long psychological scarring? Did one of them yell at you a long time ago? Did your first true love leave you for a man in blue? Did you dream of being a police officer when you were a child, only to fail to meet the requirements? Do they intrude on your "business ventures?"

I have never seen anyone as bitterly "anti-cop" as you without some reason they feel is valid rolling around inside their head. Sane people simply accept the sometimes inconvenient trade-offs of having laws on the books and police on the street to enforce them.

There has to be some reason, so why not share it with us?


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