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Sailboat, you think I don't know cops?

I could probably tell YOU stories that would amaze you and make you hate police even more, but never lose site of the fact that law enforcement officers are all that stand between the greatest majority of civilians and "the forces of evil." There may be too many bullies and an occasional total ***hole, but like any "army" assembled since the dawn of civilization, they're what you have. Collectively, as a group, the good far outweighs the bad and they serve an incredibly important function in society.

There are very few cases of **TRULY** innocent men being sent to prison by officers creating evidence or embellishing details. About 99.99% of inmates should be there, if not for the crime they were accused of committing, than for the one before that they should still be serving time for. That's why I don't particularly rejoice when DNA frees a guy from death row when the guy went to death row with a twelve page record of prior felonies. "Round up the usual suspects" is far more than a humorous line from Casablanca. You'd be amazed at the same people pulling the same crap, time, after time, after time.

So more than pro-cop, I'm anti-scumbag. I support law enforcement's efforts to remove criminals from our society.


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