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meth and the people it takes down!

I agree meth and meth manufacturing is absolutely awful. The thing is, you don't know how either of these men got in this position. They may have been homeless, they may have been addicts most of their lives and usually there is an underlying cause for this,they may have been so over the edge they didnt think about the danger they put others in. I agree, the penalties should be really stiff, but look at that person as a human being who is an addict and needs all the help and positive support there is to be offered. I'm the sister to one of these men and I will not state which. At one point in time he was a very proud, smart and caring person. Now he is so low, that this lab is not surprising to me. Just saddens me how much he has hurt himself and everyone who has any contact with him. He has a wonderful wife, a beautiful and smart daughter(who just got married), a very smart son who is the father of his only grandson, and another quite awesome and intelligent son! By now I guess you have figured out which one it is. He has not always been an addict! He was a United States Naval officer, had a lot of pride in himself and his family. He made me proud to be his know what, I still am! I'm just thankful no one was injured or even worse, killed. Please forgive him for putting you in harms way. I know this hard to fathom, but he is a christian who has fallen from Christ. Only he can regain his relationship with the Lord, who is oh soo sweet to us.Im gonna stop rattling, but please don't condemn these men, they just need some extreme help!


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