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DRUG/GUN/GANG CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This club is a bomb waiting to go off. I've been there a dozen times and I can assure you this is the typical bring your gun and dope hangout. Yes they do have a abc permit which was personly pushed through by the newest commisioner, and he's there just about everynight. I've seen allot of drugs from crack,cocaine, exctasy and more marijuana than you could throw in the back of a truck.The club owner associates at work and off work with convicted drug dealers and if you dig deep enough he's been charged and convicted with drug crimes.But yea, lets throw in a feed the homeless day and everything about the establishment is just a innocent place for family and children to hang out. Buch of CRAP!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully the Sheriff's Office and Police Department are tainted with corruption so they can continue to operate!!! DRUGS GUNS AND CRACK FOR EVRYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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