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Put down the crack pipe and learn a little grammer.

You were right about me not being a responsible person by going to the GANGSTA Club. I finally got saved and im learning from my previous faults.But I have been there and have seen what damage this club is doing to the community!!!!!!!!! Let me ask you this why do our people(african americans) always have to open up a club serve beer and drugs and shoot each other. Theres more shooting a black clubs than white clubs. In fact ive never heard of a white club!! Worldwide is a BLACK only club so it promotes racism. I know because i use to follow this kinda of hatred when i was a member.You can walk outside and see empty bags that use to contain drugs,needles and condoms all over the ground. EVerone is flashing gang signs at each other.Theres even women that go there to have sex for money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my new life and proud of it, just trying to expose the devilish acts that take place at the club.


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